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Dr. Crystal Coleman

Business Beauty Empowerment Strategist

If you want to win, you must maximize your full potential, invest and believe in yourself, and understand change starts with You.

Meet the SheEO

Dr. Crystal Coleman is a Business, Beauty Coach with over 29 years of experience as a  Cosmetology Instructor. Crystal’s mission is to help, high-achieving women build confidence through faith, beauty, and business strategies to discovering and uncovering their gifts within to create the life they want to see.


As a Cosmetologist and life coach serving women from all walks of life, and being once stuck herself, Crystal’s God-given assignment is to help heal the hearts of 5000  high-achieving women who feel stuck in life and business from the effects of unchecked emotional intelligence. Somewhere life has broken your heart affecting your choices, wholeness, and profits to create. 

Crystal also is an intuitive author and speaker creating her first book, “Mastering The Steps To  Become Whole; for the High-achieving Woman” and a contributing top-thought leader in the book “Reach Your Greatness, “by James Malinchak( featured on ABC’s Hit Tv Show, Secrete  Millionaire). Crystal is the creator of “Five Steps To Wholeness; The Mindset Shift”, a six-week coaching program that Renew Lives and Transforms Minds giving you more clarity, peace, freedom, and wholeness to create the life and business you want to see.

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